Technical data

Area required

L15 x W10 x H6 metres black box room

Description Units Mode - Specifications
retro-projectors with DVD players 4 2000-3000 lumens with looping function
Projectors 11 2000-3000 lumens with looping function
Screens / Walls 12 White and untextured
Floor screens 2 Vinyl Sticker on floor
DVD players for TV 15 looping function
TVs 5 29 inches
LCD TV screens 3 37 inches


Layout and Design elements

-- A 42 meters long raised platform (bridge) of 2.40 meters high with 1.2 meters handrail in a U-shape formation to be certified by local.

a) platform to be sent in container with metallic walkway and elements for gabbions by fret.

b) or construction of the walkway in the country of exhibition under (if wished ) Curatorial consultancy over email for 1 month leading up to installation.

- A room of size 3.6 x 3.6 m to be build in the center of the room with 1 wall open.

- TVs are to be encased in a wire mesh filled with stones (real or props).

- LCD screens bases (if used) are to be hidden with corrugated zinc or any metallic construction material subject to approval of artist.

-The artist suggests to stack three gabions and incrust the TV in that of the middle.